Automotive Technical Director

We are currently recruiting for our client, a dedicated and disruptive innovation driven software application company, for an Automotive Technical Director to join their business in Madrid.

Position Title: Automotive Technical Director
Position Type: Permanent
Start Date: ASAP
Location: Madrid, Spain
Contact: Kimberly ReMine

What our client seeks
The Technical Director is responsible for the development of new products, as well as updates, adjustments and enhancements of existing ones, by Technical Research Centres (mainly Insurers owned Research Centres) and AX Development Units. This position supports the identification and selection of qualified Research Centres partners and the deployment into production, in AX markets, of the products and services developed. The Technical Director will drive the development of new profitable innovations and standards as part of the overall operational plans, in alignment with the corporate strategy.

This role is to tackle the most challenging technological issues, to enable the global repair sector to be better able to adapt and efficiently repair the care of today and the future. The role requires to identify and develop repair processes and the correct level of supporting tools, equipment and data to maintain and support the independent repairer network to manage advancing vehicle body structure and joining strategies, and systems and other emerging technology.

The candidate has to have the ability for putting him in the shoes of any others: research centre, customers, and stakeholders and adjustable to response different stakeholder requirements.
Having a good knowledge about car insurance and repair industry as well as good public relations is key to establish engagements and keep contact with many people, of many countries and cultures.

: Initiate and maintain relationships with potential Research Centres partners, aimed to validate their existing products/services, value proposition and business potential focused, as well as their ability to develop new products and services.
: Take care of the relationship with existing Research Centres partners, reporting, on a regular basis, about the development of new products and services that should be validated as potential incorporation to the products portfolio.
: Work closely with the Legal and Finance teams in order to support the development of agreements, contracts, value added and business plans to reach Legal Agreements for the global use and distribution of the products.
: Work closely with AX countries to understand their market environments and identify gaps and opportunities, and to translate these needs into new profitable innovations that can be developed.
: Support the AX country organizations in the presentation, promotion, marketing and commercialization of new and existing products. Training, knowledge implementation and coaching activities will be necessary to execute this action item.
: Drive the collection and implementation of necessary documentation, agreements with suppliers and partners, AX countries requirements, data and actions to execute the development of products by AX development units. This includes the provision of necessary support to Project Managers, in form of follow up actions and contacts with Research Centers during the development phase, as well as the approval and validation of final product, supporting AX countries
: Contribute to develop and implement a mid/long:term and annual new projects development plan in accordance with financial targets of the company.
: Implementation of project plan for the development of special strategy projects, including the identification of inputs, workflow, outputs, and presentation of the plan to AX countries and end users in order to get their feedback, identify and validate potential partners and secure acceptance of the final product.

: 10+ years in the Automotiv

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