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Ontario (CA:ON)

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General Accountabilities:

:Resolve customer concerns and issues by driving customer:centric resolutions in a highly responsive manner representing both our Customer and the Company
:Manage customer experiences and expectations during resolution of concerns, questions, or issues
:Marshal organizational resources to expeditiously investigate customer concerns and achieve resolution.
:Engage and facilitate appropriate Company subject matter experts with a high degree of finesse to obtain a resolution for the customer with and through all functional lines of business that is acceptable to both the customer and the Company
:Champion and advocate for the customer when an exception to policy and/or process is needed and when it makes sense for the larger good of the relationship between our customer and the Company.
:Identify root causes, and advocate for changes to operational policy and practices that better service the customer and Company within a framework of continuous improvement, while balancing realities and strategic goals of the Company.

Specific Accountabilities:

:Investigate and resolve customer complaints, concerns, issues by driving customer:centric resolutions in a highly responsive manner, keeping the customer updated and engaged along the resolution journey.
:Facilitate resolution by engaging applicable lines of business and being the liaison to delight the customer and provide resolution.
:Prepare all correspondence and documentation relating to a customers complaint and the resolution to the complaint.
:Prepare and present presentations or reports to further the understanding of Hdyro Ones practices and policies with our Customers, and for internal use of issues, attittudes, and opportunities arising from customer complaints.
:Effectively and empathetically interact with customers and external stakeholders alike to discuss complaints, resolutions and outcomes by telephone, in person, and in written form.
:Investigate, assess, recommend on complaints and trends of complaints, issues or concerns to enable business unit strategies, position papers and recommendations for continuous improvement to be used by Senior and Line Managers, as well as Customer Solutions function staff for the management of Customer Solutions.
:Improve the customer experience based on investigation results and complaint resolutions.
:Prepare clear, concise descriptions of investigation findings and resolutions for Executive Briefings, complaint trend monitoring, customer educational materials and sharing with customers by any mechanism e.g. face to face, on the telephone or in writing.
:Research and collect information manually and through computerized systems for issue assessments and Customer Solutions documentation.
:Document customer complaints, investigation notes, and all materials associated with the complaint life cycle on the journey to resolution.
:Provide information on complex and/or sensitive issues, attitudes and trends or public concerns and matters.
:Maintain an in:depth understanding of plans, activities and issues in all key Hydro One business areas and the potential impact on Hydro One with its customer from the perspective of the customer experience and impact.
:Meet with customers representing Customer Service to educate, share Company information, complaint resolutions and further strengthen relationships with our customers by addressing their concern or complaint and growing their knowledge of the electricity sector and Hydro Ones role in the industry.
:Negotiate with various business units or external government agencies such as the OEB on customer complaint issues and influence these groups to a

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