The Railway industry today is characterized by both a strong and sustained growth across the world. The trends that drive this are well known: environmental challenges, population growth, urbanization and increasing demands for mobility.
With 6BEUR of Sales and around 30,000 employees based in over 60 countries, Alstom develop and market the most complete range of systems, equipment and services offered today in the railway sector. Today we offer our customers solutions that feature a seamless blend of diverse technologies, ensuring optimal interfaces, along with flexible implementation and real synergy in innovation.

Job Title

Deputy Project Manager (HV Substations)


. Manage the project according to the contract through the delivery of all work packages according to QCD commitments.

The Project Manager is responsible for the management and successful completion of the activities related to PS. These include leading: Design, procurement, Installation, T and C and Warranty of PS. Such activities shall be carried out under Quality, Costs and Delivery requirements.

The WP Manager shall take under responsability the follow up of the costs of the Work Package and reports to Product Line Director.

Manage site visits to Algeria and follow:up monthly meetings with subcontractors and customer

Position in the Organisation

This person will be the TGS Project Manager for Project.

Network and Links

– Customer, Partners, Customer director, Platform, Sites, Project Team, Work Package

Owners, Sub system Managers, Finance, Tax, Project Audit, etc



– Manufacture, supply, transport, installation, testing and commissioning of equipment needed for the power supply system


The person will be accountable for several people (engineering team, subcontractors, test and comm team,….)


: Manage all WP activities and action plans in line with QCD commitment

: Ensure all WP activities follow Sector Quality Assurance processes

: Ensure full transparency of WP QCD performance (including physical progress) at all times, in line with Sector standard reporting requirements and project needs

: Follow the monthly WP review cycle, highlighting main variances against QCD commitment, initiating corrective actions and immediately informing Project Director

: Identify and minimize all risks and maximize savings

: Lead in Risks and Savings Reviews and PRs

: Follow quarterly WP review cycle, providing a re:forecast “to complete” and updates on all risks and savings as required for PR and SPRs.

: In the event that WP scope varies (due to either internal or external changes), manage QCD commitment variations with the project Cost manager and Project Director

Candidate Requirements

Engineer Degree or BSc equivalent

More tan 8 years experience in PS Substations or Electrical Distribution.

HSE and Quality knowledge (ISO 9001 / 14001 and OHSAS 18000)

Turn:key projects management

More than 8 years experience in Railways projects; especially in Tramways or Undergrounds/Subways (Voltage Direct Current: 1500/750Vdc)

More than 5 years experience such as Project Supervisor

T and C Substation capabilities

Other skills:

: Installation supervision

: Methods of Statement

: Logistics and Transport to site

: OPEX experience: Maintenance / Warranties / Spare parts

: FAT and SAT attendance

Software and Computing skills:



Windows(TM) Office package

Visual Basic / C++


French (high, mandatory) and English (medium:high, desirable)

Other languages competences are welcoming

Behavioural Skills / Competencies

Good technical knowledge, reliability, autonomy, teamwork, leadership, business strategy, market trendings and key positions, self:control.

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