In the role of Team Leader or as part of an audit team, perform risk:based audits of the Departments/Units/Branches within Global Retail and Global Wealth ensuring that governance, risk management and controls are in place to mitigate the inherent risks of the business.
Further develop and enhance position as a subject matter expert in Global Retail and Global Wealth. Train and develop the skills and knowledge of Associate Directors, Senior Associates and Associates within the Audit teams, communicating the Bank’s shared culture and values.
Working independently with minimal supervision, utilize available GIA tools for completion of audits and assurance of best practice setting priorities, ensuring quality and delivering to targets.
Start acting as part of the day to day contacts with Global Retail and Global Wealth management, helping to influence change through providing advice.
Conduct special investigations, reviews, additional tasks as and when required by ED/MD/SMD:GCAO.

Ensure that::

Each assigned audit is planned in detail by conducting risk assessments, developing an understanding of activities, and allocation of audit work to assigned team members.
Each assigned audit is planned to ensure that the scope and terms of reference of each audit provides adequate and appropriate coverage.
Audit work is performed efficiently and effectively by focusing on the risk areas identified at the planning phase and in fieldwork.
Audits are performed in accordance with approved audit programs, utilizing internal and external resources provided by ED/MD in a professional manner, in order that audits are executed on time and within budget.
All audit work and programs comply with the policies and procedures laid down in the GIA Manual, standards set by the IIA and market best practices, where applicable and are produced in a timely manner during fieldwork.
Any loss of documents, misappropriation of funds, thefts, frauds, and financial loss should be immediately brought to the attention of ED/MD/SMD:GCAO.
Discussions are held with Unit management in order to verify facts and obtain explanations of and reasons for apparent deficiencies.
Guidance is provided to team members and supervise the audit work performed by the audit team.
Work of team members is reviewed on a timely basis and in a thorough and constructive manner ensuring quality of work done and identifying areas of improvement.
Appropriate use of electronic working papers, audit tools and sources of knowledge (by self and the team).
Evidence is obtained, analyzed and appraised as a basis for an informed, objective opinion to evaluate the effectiveness of the key controls and efficiency of performance of the Unit being audited. Review appropriate transactions, documents, records, reports to confirm their accuracy and effectiveness and record all findings in a manner that provides relevant and reliable evidence to support conclusions.
Findings are discussed with team members / Unit staff and delivered in a timely manner. Material issues identified are discussed with team members and escalated to ED/MD as identified.
Recommend changes to existing policies and procedures in order to improve internal processes at the Unit being audited.
As Team Leader, ensure realistic but challenging budgets are drafted, and time spent is monitored on engagements.
A formal report is prepared at the end of each Unit review, and submitted to ED/MD. Report should contain issues written in a concise and compelling manner with clear indication of the risks and impact for the Unit management. Negotiate with Unit management to agree a documented Management Action Plan to resolve the issues raised.
At the end of the assignment, assess the audit work programs, update for improvements and maintain current version in the central audit management system. Update the risk assessment for the entity reviewed for any significant findings that may impact the risk profile.
On an ongoing basis,

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