My client is seeking a passionate embedded developer with DevOps experience (version control, configuration management, CI/build server setup) to join their product development team. Cirrus Australia develops advanced signal processing algorithms and software solutions for mobile and wearable audio devices. The team includes Researchers, Signal Processing Engineers and Applications Programmers who work closely together through all stages of product development, from concept to delivery.

-Implement and test audio processing software on real:time DSP platforms
-Develop DSP solutions to meet specification and customer requirements in the agreed timescale
-Use various development tools (integrated development environments, custom, makefiles, scripting languages, etc.) to create audio solutions
-Develop/Maintain Python and Ruby scripts for building audio solutions
-Help manage and configure automated builds for audio solutions
-Manage branching and merging in VCS systems
-Implementing testing and documenting software for a range of DSP platforms
-Responsibility to confirm through manual and automated tests and simulations conformance to a specification

Required Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
-Excellent programming skills, preferably in C/C++
-Experience with DSP processor architectures for efficient implementations
-Experience of algorithm porting between different cores and platforms
-Experience with setup and configuration of automated build environments including Jenkins
-Experience with software programming development methods including test and validation procedures
-Good knowledge of VCS systems including SVN and GIT
-Good verbal and written communication skills
-Degree or equivalent in electronic engineering or other engineering related discipline, preferably grade 2(1), more than 5 years relevant experience

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
-Strong experience of fixed:point C programming for DSP is desired
-Knowledge of configuration management (branching/tagging)
-Understanding of DSP and digital filter design background an advantage

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://www.tiptopjob.com/jobs/54114192_job.asp?source=trovit