?Responsible for monitoring the health of risk asset portfolio across the bank, overseeing all credit administration functions of WBG and PBG including but not limited to, identifying and addressing gaps in the control process, overseeing the compliance of post:approval and post completion of documents with the banks credit policy and procedures, approvals/ disbursal of loans, renewals, payments, etc. and ensuring smooth functioning of credit control.
?To manage the evaluation of Retail proposals forwarded by branches / sales and take decision within approved authorities. If above limits, make appropriate recommendation and forward to the correct level of authority.
?To ensure data quality management of risk division through the establishment and deployment of roles, responsibilities, framework, and procedures concerning the acquisition, maintenance, dissemination, and disposition of data by related stakeholders including submission of BRFs.
?To effectively manage the respective section and ensure that instructions are processed as per the service level agreement.
?To liaise with Board Risk Committee and Management Credit Risk Committee with regards to reporting of identified exceptions.
Main Duties and Responsibilities:
?Lead, manage and co:ordinate the operations of the credit administration unit, for both the Personal Banking and Wholesale Banking portfolio; providing expertise and aligning work processes to achieve high performance standards, meet established targets and objectives, and ensure employee engagement.
?Manage a team of 20 FTEs (minimum), providing coaching and training in accordance with procedures, quality standards and within agreed time scales.
?Formulate the strategy, business plan, policies and procedures of the Credit Administration Unit in order to support the Divisional and Organizational business strategy.
?Identify and assess early warning risk triggers, liaising with Credit teams to formulate recommendations and strategies for the restructuring of debt.
?Develop and implement a policy and procedures manual for Credit Administration Unit including periodic review.
?Provide ongoing insights and analysis of credit trends and recommend changes to credit policy.
?Direct and oversee the effective functioning of administrative monitoring and ensure the control processes are in compliance with the established banks credit policies and the policies of Central Bank, including identifying and addressing gaps in control process of credit systems.
?Challenge credit requests for financing, renewals, waivers and ensure that they are in line with the banks Delegated Lending Authority (DLA) matrix.
?To prioritize process and completion of all tasks in accordance with procedures, work arrival pattern and volumes of work.
?Perform due diligence in reviewing proposals, identifying exception and taking decisions in line with the banks policy.
?Common frauds / errors / irregular transactions are identified and appropriate actions taken in accordance with procedures.
?Internal blacklist check and Central Bank blacklist checking.
?To ensure maintenance of credit files which are accurate and up:to:date including availability of scanned documents to related stakeholders as per existing process.
?To ensure effective processes are in place for issuance of facility offer letter, maintenance of documentation checklist, periodic review of documents (charge/security) including circulation of reports to related stakeholders to ensure resolutions of outstanding matters in timely manner.
?To ensure encoding of the credit lines/limits into the limit management system related to the Customers (PBG and WBG) /banks, including syndication portfolio. This would primarily include setting up lines/limits amounts, expiries, pricing, related terms and conditions based on the approval accorded by an appropriate approving authority.
?Coordinate and obtain clearances from the Supervision Department, Product Development Team and Legal

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