Head of Data (Advanced Analytics)

Head of Data (Advanced Analytics) is required with experience of designing and implementing a Global BI Strategy and BI Platform. The position can be based in a choice of locations including; Barcelona, Prague or The UK. Our client is preferably looking to hire a suitable candidate on a permanent basis, however, they may also consider hiring a candidate on a daily rate basis. The primary focus of the role will be to build a Global BI Platform with a richer and wider data set.

Our client is keen to capitalise on the huge amounts of data, both structured and unstructured that the company has access to, but does not make effective use of, and which it is recognised could deliver genuine business value.

This Enterprise Consultant will operate across a variety of stakeholders across the business, for example the BI analysts in sales, leads in procurement and inventory etc. They will proactively work with these stakeholders as an innovation catalyst to understand the many underlying opportunities in the different business areas which have not be recognised or articulated up till now, the ability to capture and analyse data has not been available.

Our client is looking for an experienced candidate with experience of implementing a BI Strategy for a blue chip and who has demonstrate practical experience at a senior level, in complex, international (Europe/US), multi:product, high transaction organisations which rely extensively on big data and data analytics to drive transformation and efficiency.

Essentially this individual will work as a data solutions architect, crafting data solutions that will support the business areas to better meet their objectives.

The role will initially cover Europe, but may well expand to have a global remit

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