Job Description:/h3:

Have you been searching for an opportunity to grow within a company from the ground up? Were looking for determined candidates that are eager to learn all they can about the business world, all while developing essential sales skills.

Why sales?

In all areas of business, sales is what keeps a company afloat. Your ability to sell yourself will also determine what opportunities youre able to take advantage of.

What about Advancement Opportunities?

We promote our people based on your effort and commitment to the quality of your work. Your leadership and work ethic will determine your career advancement. We do not promote based on seniority. We believe that hard work and results are what make you valuable.

What will I be doing?

: Effectively communicate our clients products and services, along with sales to market strategies
: Meeting with potential and existing customers in person
: Representing the client in a positive and exciting manner
: Acquiring new accounts, and maintaining relationships on existing accounts.

Our primary value is always in our people.

This is why we take high regard in the quality of people we ask to join our team and invest heavily in developing and training our new recruits; so that they are confident and committed to doing their jobs at the highest standard.

Am I qualified?

: Minimum of 1:2 years directly working with people in areas of sales, marketing, customer service or hospitality industries
: Must be able to demonstrate confident communication skills
: Minimum education level of a high school diploma (college or university degree preferred).

If you are ready to get started within the next 1:2 weeks, send in your application, and our HR representatives will get in touch with you to further discuss your qualifications over the phone.

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: https://www.tiptopjob.com/jobs/67682678_job.asp?source=trovit