We are looking for a talented, social and passionate Office Manager to help us meet the challenges of a growing IT company. The Office Manager is a wide role, where you will be responsible for handling the daily administrative tasks at the office, monthly book keeping, and daily customer support. We are looking for a person who takes a big responsibility and want to grow with the company. We offer a permanent position with competitive salary and benefits. Formal education is not a requirement, most importantly we value your passion for solving problems (both technical non technical) and your thoroughness in your work. Living close to, or willing able to relocate to Barcelona, Spain Self motivating self directed (we prefer to not micro manage, and want to work with people who we can trust to do the right thing on their own) Basic knowledge and understanding of mathematics and statistics Professional skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint Excellent written spoken Swedish Norwegian Excellent written spoken English Reliable as a person, you understand that responsibility is something taken not given

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