The Railway industry today is characterized by both a strong and sustained growth across the world. The trends that drive this are well known: environmental challenges, population growth, urbanization and increasing demands for mobility.
With 6BEUR of Sales and around 30,000 employees based in over 60 countries, Alstom develop and market the most complete range of systems, equipment and services offered today in the railway sector. Today we offer our customers solutions that feature a seamless blend of diverse technologies, ensuring optimal interfaces, along with flexible implementation and real synergy in innovation.


Based (city): Madrid

Duration: Permanent


Develop and Deliver the system in line with the System Roadmap as agreed with the System Program Manager. Be in interface with the system Application Architects (SAA) and the design Authority (DA) in the definition of the technical answer to the need expressed by the solution Director and the specific user project needs.


S and P Development Center.


targeted key performances achievement.

:On time Deliveries and gate reviews.

:QCD Commitment respects.

:Solution deployment cost, lead time and risk.


:With the Design Authority and the System Program Manager, define and agree on the System Development Roadmap that he/she commits to deliver.

:With the System Program Manager, manage the System Development Team and define the optimized resource schedule.

:With the System Program Manager, provide QCD estimation on Bids and user projects requests.

:Apply the System Development processes as defined by the Methods and Tools organization.

:Ensure completeness and consistency of the overall System Engineering and Parameter Engineering V:Processes definition including Safety aspects with full and clear documentation/characterization both for internal use (System design documents) and external users (user projects and bids).

:Specify and develop the System in line with the System Roadmap. Define the allocation of the System Requirements to the various internal and/or external partners and suppliers.

:Minimize by design the System deployment cost, lead time and risk.

:Manage and control timely execution of all System/Products developments related to the Project (performances, planning/delivery).

:Ensure the complete and accurate System technical specifications; trace and coordinate it with all the stakeholders (R and D Plan, Projects, Products…). Make sure that all changes are documented and managed through the System CCBs (Change Control Board) that he/she chairs.

:With the sub:systems and the Products Architect(s), review and ensure the understanding and completeness of the exported requirements (Operational, functional, constructional and safety).

:Participate to Products CCBS, Design Reviews and DFQ process in order to ensure consistency between
Product developments and System roadmap/needs.

:Manage System Configuration and Deliveries.


Educational requirements.

Industrial Engineering degree /

Technical Knowledge / Experience.

:Fluent English and International background; high level English for negotiation.

:French will be valuable.

:Minimum of 8 : 10
years working experience in industrial projects. Not mandator knowledge sector railway, but is necesary that the person know of requirements management process.

Behavioural and Technical Skills / Competencies.

:Strong interpersonal skills (leadership, communication, ability to convince).

:Job Location / Mobility.
On Site / Hi

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